Hey there


Im Kielle Laren

 I'm Kielle! (pronounced Key-EL) I am 24 years old and from the beautiful city of Las Vegas. My greatest loves are Mexican food, traveling with my husband, and hanging out with my pup, Willie. I have always been passionate about the photography world and one day I decided to jump in and make the dream I've had for so long, finally happen! I have captured over 50 weddings all over the Vegas valley and southern California for the past 4 years and I've learned that the best shots are the ones in between the smiling poses; the laughing, the sneaky kisses, the hugs, the movement. I'm all about capturing the genuine, quirky, sarcastic, teasing, loving, soft, fun, and weird love that you have. There’s not much else more rewarding or humbling than having the opportunity of creating something magical with you and your person. I want to capture the little things and the big feelings, the stuff that gives you butterflies is what truly makes my heart flutter! It is always an honor to deliver still, captured, and lasting moments of vulnerability to you. The more you let go and be yourself, the more I’m able to freeze those genuine moments you’ll want to hang onto. Yeah, you’ll get the family shots and details. But I want to give memories that you look back on again and again and remember how you felt at that time. So let’s get together and get all the moments that really matter. I love meeting new faces and adventuring to new places. Tell me your story and lets create something beautiful together.